Technology Research Institute

Based on the technology accumulated
since its establishment in 1962,
various products were developed and improved.
We are focusing on developing
new technologies that are tailored
to industrial trends.
Okong R&D Center has accumulated general-purpose products
such as woodworking adhesives, tile adhesives,
hot melt, sealant, and tape based on its technology since its inception in 1962.
Not only was it developed and improved, but it also expanded its research
and development area to high value-added areas such as flame retardant adhesives,
hot melt for headlamps, and sealant for electromagnetic devices.

Study Room 1 (Hot melt)

Research 1 is developing hot melt glue, which is an adhesive used in industrial mass production processes.
Hot melt adhesive is widely used in high-speed mass production industries due to its fast working speed
and ease of application to automated facilities, and the cutting edge of domestic manufacturing,
The demand is increasing with automation trends.
Typical products include automotive (embedded materials, batteries, carpets, etc.), box packaging, beverage straws, filters (industrial, air conditioning, air purifiers).
Also, hot melt glue does not use organic solvents that are harmful to the human body, so it can be seen as an eco-friendly adhesive.
Generally, it is difficult to access in general households because industrial hot melt adhesives require a large applicator.
It is a hot melt adhesive that can be easily used by ordinary consumers and is also available for DIY products such as GS1085, GS1085E,
which can be applied with a small glue gun.

List of major government research projects undertaken.

Sortation Program Name
(Enforcement Department/Agency)
Task Name
1 Parts and technology development projects (The Ministry of Knowledge Economy) High Speed Machine Working, Nozzle Type Environmentally Friendly
Vehicle Headlamp Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive Development
2 Convergence Technology Development Project (MSS) Development of High Functional Adhesives for Environmentally Friendly Car Headlamp Sealing
3 Content Industry Technology Support Project
(Korea Creative Content Agency)
Quality standardization. Development of PUR adhesive, print cleaning liquid, Chinese character typeface,
and print quality process diagnosis program for eco-friendly printing.